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Zero Rupee Notes Were Printed In The Year 2007 Have You Seen The Zero Rupee Note?

In the year 2007, a note zero (0) rupees notes were also printed in India.These notes were printed in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages. We are going to tell you the specialty of this note and the purpose behind printing it.

It Written in The Note to End Corruption

In India, the Reserve Bank (RBI) prints notes ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 2 thousand. By using these notes, people can take advantage of all the other amenities ranging from everyday necessities. But do you know that zero (0) rupee notes are also printed in the country? Today we are going to tell you the full story of zero rupee notes.

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The Note Printed Under a Special Campaign

Let us tell you, the photo of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi also printed on this zero rupee note and it looks exactly like other notes. But you must be wondering why zero rupee note introduced. After all, what can be bought with this note? Let us tell you, this note was not issued by RBI.

People are Sharing Zero Rupee Note on Twitter

Recently the existence of these notes came to the fore? When people started sharing these notes on microblogging site Twitter. During this, a Twitter user named Guruprasad Balaji uploaded a picture of one of the zero rupee notes and said? That zero rupee currency has been in circulation in India for almost a decade, and many Indian citizens are unfamiliar with it.

What Was The Motive of The NGO Behind Printing The Zero Rupee Note?

Bribery is a crime in India for which there is a provision of suspension and jail sentence. The purpose of the NGO behind doing this is to raise voice against corruption by giving this zero rupee note instead of money against those seeking bribes. That is, whenever a corrupt government official asks for a bribe, the NGO encourages citizens to pay zero rupee notes.

What Does a Zero Rupee Note Look Like?

The picture of Mahatma Gandhi is printed on this note. Also, it is written on this note ‘End corruption’. ‘If someone asks for a bribe, give this note and tell us the matter’. ‘I swear not to take or to give’. The phone number and email id of the organization printed on the right side at the bottom of the note.

Where The Zero Rupee Notes Distributed?

Raise awareness about bribery by 5th Pillar volunteers at railway stations, bus stations, and markets. Zero rupee notes distributed or distributed to remind the public of their rights and alternative solutions.During wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and social functions Information desks set up at the entrance of the marriage hall.

About 5th Pillar

Vijay Anand is the co-founder and chairman of 5th Pillar. It is a non-profit organization whose aim is to encourage, enable and empower every citizen of India to eliminate corruption at all levels of society. The 5th Pillar believes that the citizens of the society are the foundation of the nation. The main objective of 5th Pillar is to strengthen democracy by preparing the next generation of youth to become dutiful and patriotic citizens in all aspects. To follow traffic rules, to follow better environment-friendly practices, to help fellow citizens to lead a bribe-free life, and to educate them for the same.

5Lakh Notes Printed

This note started by an organization as a weapon against corruption. This idea was of a non-profit organization (NGO) in South India in the year 2007. This NGO named 5th Pillar based in Tamil Nadu had done the work of printing about five lakh zero rupees notes. These notes printed and distributed among the people in four languages ​​namely Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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