Zendaya Rumored To Be Pregnant With Tom Holland Child On Twitter

Thousands of Zendaya fans are well and truly ‘christened’ by the rumor that Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland’s child. kirawontmiss followed up on her tweet, writing, “I need to know that you Who are all the sources because why is everyone on [timeline] saying this.

Rumor caused Zendaya to become a trending topic

A viral trend that tricked people on Tiktok has crossed the social media platform. A wave of memes and jokes ran across Twitter, with many believing the rumour. Zendaya became a trending topic due to the rumor.

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Share No Way, Home co-stars, Zendaya and Holland

On TikTok, people are being #chrised as fake stories about Spider-Man. No Way Home co-stars Zendaya and Holland are being shared. Before Kris Jenner was a hoax to troll the watcher on screen and confirm the story. Confirming the rumors didn’t stop some people from believing it on Twitter. The tweets are openly asking, “Wait Zendaya’s pregnant?” Gained thousands of interactions with Twitter users.

ZERONlUM wrote on Twitter

ZERONlUM wrote on Twitter, “Someone shouted ‘Zendaya is pregnant’ at Walmart and 20 people fell on their knees.” More than 63,000 users liked the comment, which also received thousands of comments and retweets. Continuing the joke, @ihyjuju separately tweeted, “zendaya PREGNANT?? I fell on my knees at Walmart.”

Tweet in between Posting on TikTok

People reacted to the “news” on Twitter for Doon actress Zendaya. They responded with messages of fake congratulation, accompanied by videos including their real feelings—usually with devastation or anger. Somewhere between being posted on TikTok what was being shared on Twitter became a rumour, which later turned out to be true, then became a joke to many.

There was a theme repeated by users

Zendaya got pregnant only to make me jealous tbh,” was a theme repeated by several users. @Sammerlammer’s tweet went viral when she repeated the statement but included a photo of a man sitting in his underwear in a messy bedroom. The video reassuringly Let’s start off with enough clickbait titles and thumbnails before going into Instagram evidence supporting the story. Eventually, Jenner appears on screen to confirm that the viewer has been #Krissed.

But how did this rumor spread like wildfire get born?

Tiktok was full of people making videos with Krissed meme. Rumors of Zendaya and Tom Holland either announcing their pregnancy. break up, or get engaged, before the Kardashian matriarch appears onscreen. She is seen dancing to an accelerated version of “Lady Marmalade”.

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