Zendaya Becomes Youngest Two-Time Acting Nominee For Emmy Awards

Zendaya nominated for two songs featured in Euphoria, “I’m Tired” and “Elliott’s Song”, for creating and writing original lyrics.

Zendaya, 25, youngest two-time star nominee

Washington: It should be a special moment for Zendaya as she earned her second Emmy nomination for her role in HBO’s teen drama “Euphoria.” With this special nomination, Zendaya, 25, has become the youngest nominee to star twice. She also won the title of the youngest woman ever nominated for a production at the Emmys, Variety reported.

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Youngest Lead Actress Drama Winner in 2020

For her role as Rue in “Euphoria,” she made history by becoming the youngest Lead Actress Drama winner in 2020 (24 at the time), and the second black woman to win the category after Viola Davis for “How.” became. To get away from murder’.

The Emmy Awards on Tuesday unveiled their list of nominations for the 2022 ceremony.

Zendaya also garnered a pair of nominations for producing and writing the original song for two songs featured in Euphoria, “I’m Tired” and “Elliott’s Song”. After learning about the nominations, Zendaya wrote a note on Instagram expressing her happiness. ,

words to express love and gratitude

“Creating this show of the most incredibly talented people and I’ve had the privilege of learning everyday has been a highlight of my life. I’m so proud to work with you and congratulations! I don’t have love anymore words to express the gratitude i feel right now all i can do is thank you with all my heart thank you to everyone involved with our show it’s an honor to share it with [email protected] for everything Thank you do you, this show is because of your heart, and thank you @labrinth @marcellrev @hbo @a24 for being the best creative collaborator. Thank you @televisionacademy for this incredible acknowledgment at the end. We here Emmy nominated again to all of you,” she wrote.

Based on the Israeli series of names

Created by Ron Lashem and Daphna Levine from HOT, Euphoria follows a group of high school students in the East Highland town, including Rue, a 17-year-old drug addict from Zendaya. Through their experiences of identity, trauma, drugs, family, friendship, love and sex. This year’s Emmy Awards broadcast live on NBC on September 12, as well as live streaming on Peacock for the first time.

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