Zaya Wade Gender Resistance

Since coming out as trans at age 12, Zaya Wade has turned activist, Miu Miu model, and now, first-ever cover star. Here, she talks about beauty, self-care, former first ladies, and the importance of a foundation rooted in love

Public transformation at the young age of 12 is a reality

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Zaya Wade, a girl whose public transformation at the tender age of 12, became a symbol of living one truth, is the future. The second child of former NBA player Dwyane Wade and stepdaughter of actress and author Gabrielle Union has already become an activist, fashion darling, and now, cover girl.

Envelop children with unconditional love and support

Wade and Union have been fierce supporters of Zaya and have shown the world the magic that can happen when you surround your children with unconditional love and support. When he needed more information, he contacted the cast of Pose. When Union took her stepdaughter to her first Pride event in 2021, Zaya boarded a Bring It On-themed boat with friends and family. Through it all, they have been her unwavering champions of becoming. To see two black cultural figures supporting their trans daughter is undeniably powerful.

American right-wing targeting trans youth

At a moment when the American right wing is working overtime to push life-threatening bills targeting trans youth, stories like Zaya’s become imperative. It is a joy to watch him flourish and have autonomy over his life. When we give children the space to be themselves, it doesn’t mean that their lives automatically take off or that they get instant answers from Satsang. This means that when they come home No matter what the world struggles with, they come home to a foundation rooted in love. And that is a mighty ground to stand on.

A win to see going to Winter Formal

Seeing Zaya go to Winter Formal by Weds was a win because she’s enjoying the teenage experience she deserves. And I want to ask you a question, how many other 15-year-old girls are giving a fash-on like that night? Pulling up to a function in a floor-length white-sequin Rodarte gown? Looks iconic to me!

A Bob with the Perfect Flip

Watching Jaya fall in love with clothes has been one of the most exciting parts of her journey. When she made her solo debut in the front row at the Miu Miu Spring 2023 show, it was clear that a star was rising before our eyes. Her hair in a bob with the perfect flip, she was dressed in a cropped, frayed denim jacket, plaid brown miniskirt, and white penny loafers – in Miu Miu from head to toe. Including his signature metalless bag. The budding fashionista stole the show and quite candidly devoured the girls.

He wants to make this world better for his community

What impresses me the most in talking to Jaya is her intelligence and her huge heart. He is committed to using his platform to better the world for his community. His voice is commanding, and his style sick. Baby, it’s Zaya Wade.

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