Zara and Mike attend the first day of the Cheltenham Festival on Tuesday

Held at Cheltenham Racecourse. Zara seen holding hands with close friend Natalie Pinkham and later seen hugging the horse’s trainer Henry de Bromhead after winning the Close Brothers Mares Hurdle.

Zara always the most fabulous touch

Body language expert, Judy James, told Express.co.uk how this is typical of Zara, who often openly shows affection, unlike other members of the royal family who rarely shake hands in public. Said, “Zara is always the most brilliantly touching royal who always manages to cuddle, hug and cuddle her in the most natural way despite surrounded by the least publicly touching people on earth among the other members of the royal family.” Tempted to hold hands.

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The couple about Ra and Mike, who often appear in public

There is a mantra about liking yourself before liking other people and in Zara we can always see non-verbal signs of a very upbeat, cheerful self-similarity and confidence that lacks any obvious arrogance or narcissism.Judy added about Zara and Mike, who often hold hands in public, “Zara and Mike just enjoy life and it seems like they enjoy the people around them too.”

Judy said, “Her pose here very good-natured.”

Referring to the fact that Zara put her arm around her husband’s back when they photographed in Cheltenham, Judy said, “Her poses here are very good-natured and candid.” Posing together like a natural couple who still very deeply in love and lust. The balance in their signs always suggests that those feelings equally shared, as is their love.”

A person hugging and shaking hands with Zara

And talking about how Zara was equally affectionate with her friends, the body language expert said the royal’s “hand-holding” and “hugs” are an “innate desire to show affection and perhaps a sign of support when necessary.” It also shows a willingness to give.” She continued, “Zara’s hugs and handshakes will make a person feel truly cherished rather than just going through the normal social motions,” adding that Zara “genuinely likes other people.” And she really loves her husband.”

Zara is very different from her family members

Judy explained that Zara’s “rituals of touching and hugging make public statements in terms of bonding and friendship.” He added, “Zara doesn’t just spend time with people, she wants to define the level of closeness that she does.” Many members of the royal family are very reserved when it comes to showing affection in public.Judy says Zara very detached from her family members.This trait seems to indicate a high level of loyalty, trust, and easy openness from Zara to her friends and family,” she said. . “These qualities are rare but even rarer in our current royal family.”

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