Yes Wendy Officially Unveils an Emo Version of Its Logo

Something “down, down, down” is happening with Wendy’s, the famous red-haired logo of the Wendy’s fast food franchise. Looks like he’s got an emo makeover! That’s right. At least one Wendy’s replaces the girl with the pigtail who has embraced the artistic form of the food chain over the years. Now there’s flattened side-bangs and a shaggy haircut.

Word of Change began to spread in June

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Talk of a possible change began to spread in June when Wendy’s UK Twitter account posted a poll showing three possible new looks for Wendy’s who would be the face of the new Camden Wendy’s franchise. They included a punk, spiky-haired Wendy, a bouffant quiff Wendy and a shaggy emo Wendy.

News of change spread in the field and through online advertising

Over the next month, news of the change began to spread in the area and through online advertising. Tony Barr, Senior International Marketing Director of APMEA and Europe, Wendy’s, said in a statement to The Drum: “For us to enter such a culturally rich neighborhood as a new brand, we have to show respect for the community. And it was important to show genuine enthusiasm. We have to be a part of it.”

Frosty was the choice of lovers,

It appears as though “emo Wendy” was the choice of Frosty lovers everywhere, commented journalist Yasmin Suman, posting a tweet from the new Camden London location. “Wake up babe, they have an emo Wendy.” Wendy’s UK Twitter account followed with tweets confirming the change for the new Wendy’s franchise.

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