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YEAR ENDER 2021 This Pakistani Batsman Scored the Most Runs in International Cricket in The Year 2021

In the year 2021, there was a lot to be seen in international cricket, so this year Pakistan’s opener batsman Mohd. Rizwan stood first. Mo. Rizwan dominated international cricket this year, especially in the shortest format of cricket, he did wonders.

Mo. Most runs in the name of Rizwan, Rohit at number four

Mo. Rizwan scored a total of 1915 runs in all three formats of cricket in the year 2021. In which he scored 1326 runs only in T20 International cricket. Apart from this, he scored the remaining runs in ODI and Test cricket. At the same time, England captain Joe Root remained the second-highest run-getter in international cricket this year. Root scored the highest 1708 runs in Test cricket this year. Joe Root scored 1855 runs in all three formats this year, in which he scored 1708 runs in Test cricket.

Rohit Sharma scored a total of 1420 runs in the year 2021

In international cricket this year, Pakistan captain Babar Azam was in third place in terms of scoring the most runs in all three formats and he scored a total of 1760 runs at an average of 40.93, while Indian ODI and T20 team captain Rohit Sharma ranked fourth in this case. Stay on Rohit Sharma scored a total of 1420 runs in the year 2021. It was a good year for Rohit from a Test point of view and he scored 906 runs and became the second-highest run-scorer in Tests after Joe Root.

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Because of this Rizwan is a strong contender

Mohammad Rizwan has performed wonderfully in T20 International in the year 2021. This year he scored 1326 runs in 29 T20 matches at an average of 73.66 and strike rate of 134.89. It included one century and 12 half-centuries.

Rizwan hit a total of 119 fours in 2021

Along with this, Rizwan was also the only batsman to hit more than 100 fours in T20 International this year. He hit a total of 119 fours in 2021. Apart from this, 42 sixes also came out of his bat this year.

Rizwan is now the highest run-scorer in T20 Internationals in a calendar year. He is also the first batsman to complete 1000 runs in a calendar year in this format. Rizwan is at number three in the T20 International rankings. In the last year, he has come from number 158 to third place.

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