WWE NXT With Former Toxic Charm Member

The ongoing storyline of Jessie Jayne and Gigi Dolin was supposed to elevate Jayne to the next level as a heel superstar on WWE NXT. However, WWE hatched a plot to eliminate Jayne by using her former Toxic Charm friend. An injury has come into play and it will take time to renew the rivalry.

WWE Nxt roadblock 2023

Following a shocking betrayal by her Toxic Attraction stablemate, Janine is determined to end her friendship with Doolin permanently. Because both met each other during the 2023 edition of WWE NXT Roadblock. Unfortunately for Jayne, she lost the match. Plus, he also picked up a spin-off injury that will now put him on the back burner for a while.

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During Wrestling Observer Live

Bryan Alvarez gave an update on Jessie Zayn’s current status in WWE NXT during Wrestling Observer Live. It was noted that she was on her way home, as it is in a state of injury. No exact timeline has been given for Jayne’s recovery and potential return. In his absence, Dolin had the opportunity to return to the title picture. Because she defeated Kianna James in a qualifying match to secure her spot in WWE NXT Stand & Deliver.

March 14 episode of WWE NXT

The status of the injury was first revealed on the March 14 episode of WWE NXT. Because Jayne appeared in backstage interviews in an arm sling. It was revealed that he had dislocated his shoulder about a minute into the match with Dolin during a roadblock. Jayne also claimed that she was unable to even lift her arm properly. which gave Dolin the upper hand and then took the final victory.

Dolin with a Cobra Twist Slam

Dollin pins Jayne with a Cobra Twist Slam, and Jayne is obviously upset with the result. Per her comments, her former tag team partner was “pathetic” if she considered herself victorious coming out of the feud. At this point, whenever that happened, she remained focused on returning to WWE NXT to reclaim the spotlight.

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