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WWE Lacey Evans Turns Heel on SmackDown

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown was to feature a tag team match featuring Aaliyah and Lacey Evans. But that match never actually happened. In fact, the match never got a chance to start. Thanks for entering Evans three different times. Even after exiting and entering for the third time, Evans was not happy with the reception of the crowd.

You can read his full promo below

When Aaliya questioned what was going on. So he hit her with Woman Right and turned the crowd on with the full heel promo. While some have thought that Evans was actually a face or a heel ever since she returned. No doubt about it now, and you can read his full promo below.

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my life story hope to help you guys

“Don’t you know what I’m doing? No, I know you know what I’m doing because I put all my heart and soul on live TV. Tell my life story to help you guys told to expect. And why? For that response. To those cheers? You know I think it bothers you that you all look at a woman like me and it kills you how weak you are,” Evans said.

Did the chants start and Evans smiled? “You know all the struggles I’ve been through and deep down in your soul you know you can’t go through half of them and be half female,” Evans said. “The truth hurts sometimes. But when Lacey Evans comes out and is in the ring, she gets a standing ovation.”

life at stake

Standing means you all stand on your feet. I don’t know what it is, because you’re losing so much weight from pulled pork and brisket that you can’t even stand? I mean That’s what I’m seeing. This is what it looks like from here. it makes me sick. you guys are disgusting I am an American hero. I have sacrificed and put my life at stake for people like you. And for what, for those cheers? Until I get the respect I deserve. As far as I am concerned every one of you could go to hell,” said Evans, throwing the microphone down.

A quarrel begins between Aliyah

A feud seems to have begun between Evans and Aliyah. And being Evans heel presents yet another challenge in the mix for other SmackDown stars like Liv Morgan, Ronda Rousey, Raquel Rodriguez and Xia Lee.

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