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WWE Hall of Famer Reacts to Dumpster Match Tribute on AEW Dynamite

The Acclaimed and The Gun Club turn back the clock on episode 8/3 of “AEW Dynamite”. Paying tribute to an iconic moment from the February 2, 1998 episode of “WWE Raw”.

In the Terrible Night, The New Age Outlaws

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On that fateful night 24 years ago, The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Rod Dogg) lock Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) inside a giant dumpster. Will push him off the stage, causing him to crash. Arena floor. The ‘holy s-t’ moment sowed the seeds for the first ever dumpster match at WrestleMania XIV.

WWE Tag Team Titles Captured

Which Babyface won to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles title. The next night, however, the Outlaws would secure the title in a steel cage match. D-Generation X will join in this process.

During the mod version of the Road Dogg Dumpster Match

On Wednesday, Road Dogg was actively live-tweeting during the modern version of the Dumpster match. While the WWE Hall of Famer made it clear that he was in favor of his former tag team partner Billy Gunn’s boys, Austin and Colton. He was enjoying the action.

Throwing The Outlaws Foley And Funk Off The Stage His Career

A few years ago, Billy Gunn told “411 Wrestling Podcast” in an interview that throwing The Outlaws Folly and Funk off the stage was his favorite moment of his career. “Yeah, I’ll tell everyone,” Gunn said. “When people ask me, ‘Well, what’s your favorite match?

tossed like twelve feet off a platform

This is what your favorite moment is. Because it literally puts us on the map. I don’t know what it was After that night there was a different feeling. It was a different atmosphere than what we were doing. People were like, it wasn’t a New Age dumpster match. We actually tossed them like twelve feet off a platform. It was a long way. And I think people were amazed. how crazy he was. And that was it. It really made me and Brian. ,

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