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WWE Critic Phil Mushnick Slams WWE Peter Rosenberg in a New Piece

Phil Mushnick has long known as an outspoken critic of WWE. And he recently took aim at the company and Peter Rosenberg over the Vince McMahon allegations. Mushnik has outspoken in his criticism of WWE and its content for decades.

Four women paid crores of rupees in connection with sexual misconduct

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The New York Post has published a new column that includes a portion for Rosenberg for his connection to WWE, and WWE reports himself reportedly paying $12. Crores of rupees were paid in connection with sexual misconduct to four women above 16 years of age.

Completed Triple Crown for Adults

Mushnik wrote in the piece, which also targets Rosenberg for non-WWE-related activities. Michael Kay’s ESPN Radio-NY show panelist, Peter Rosenberg, now completes the Triple Crown for Adults Without Scrutiny, after giving his name and voice to supporting and promoting gambling operations targeting young suckers. have done it.

He represents the most insensitive, unadulterated industries in America:

design-to-loose sports gambling,

The corrosive, violent, unapologetic, n-wording, female-abuse, police-hating, street-blooded rap music on his FM show, which he proudly listens to is essentially lewd. Of course, he has run away from all the challenges he otherwise champions in K’s show, as he revokes the courage of his conviction in the face of a forced, decent conscience.

drug-addicted and often deadliest

He is the most lethargic, drug-ridden, and often deadliest “family” entertainer in TV history, WWE’s payroll employee of Vince McMahon and his wife Linda McMahon. Rosenberg is now seen and heard regularly as a shill in a pro wrestling series. Which is produce by WWE for A&E.

Same silence on two accused pedophiles

The same silence on McMahon’s job and the two accused pedophiles under his watch. They are both dead, but Rosenberg knows who they were, as does everyone else within WWE. But at 42 years old, such Rosenberg’s spirit of broadcast professionalism. And in the air, he on others

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