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WWE Blocks Various Content From the Network in Africa

One of the products offered by WWE was launched just a few years back. But still, the pro-wrestling has changed the history of the world. WWE Network is an online on-demand thematic channel. Where WWE Universe fans subscribe monthly. On the platform, they can watch current and past shows of the company. Including more or less important PPVs that the Federation has broadcast since its inception.

WWE Network Always Continuous Evolution

Obviously, the WWE Network is always in constant development and updating. Because the content is truly unsurpassed and in vast quantities in the possession of WWE, which has also acquired the rights to the old brands of WCW or ECW. Companies with PPVs from a former rival have been added to the Stamford-based federation.

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Apparently, however, many of the network’s subscribers in the past period would have encountered major problems following most of the McMahon thematic channel’s programming. The African continent was affected by major defection.

Africa goes wild against WWE Network

Apparently, for several weeks now, WWE contributors on African soil, or who have signed up for a membership with the WWE Network for months in one of the world’s h*ttest continents. They must have faced many problems in following them. Favorite programs from the McMahon Company’s digital library.

Only a few episodes of the weekly show on SmackDown and PPV

As many reports have also come online on various industry sites and social networks. Various columns such as Broken Skull Sessions by Stone Cold Steve Austin will no longer be seen across Africa. Supporters of the Stamford-based company could instead watch only a few episodes of the weekly shows Raw and SmackDown and PPV, while instead all the old and new columns from outside the in-ring action would have disappeared.

Apparently, none of the customers have received a response from WWE or the network yet, despite multiple emails and phone calls made to customer service. With this problem that has been going on for months now.

The Great Defection of WWE’s Mistake

At the moment it is not known if the problem is with the local provider. The one that overshadowed everything or it was the fault of the great defection of WWE. But so much so that African fans can no longer follow their own extra-ring actions.

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