wrestlers who suddenly Disappeared

When ‘Murderhawk’ made his way to AEW in 2020 alongside Jake ‘The Snake Roberts, it was considered a big deal. He posed a threat but over the years, terrible booking made him redundant and he was away from AEW TV for so long, it was a genuine surprise when he showed up on Rampage last month for an unnecessary squash.

Blamed for sloppy talent management

Just getting off the TV is not helpful for booking. Sure, there are some wrestlers who outstay their welcome and need a refresh (think Dolph Ziggler), but when a wrestler just vanishes and there’s no explanation or explanation about their character. Resumed without updates, it is difficult to invest. Sorry Mr. Archer, but it’s true. But he is not alone, and All Elite Wrestling is not the only company guilty of this kind of sloppy talent management.

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Heavy take on weekly programming

Now, whether the following list of wrestlers is stars that will significantly impact the card is up for interpretation. The fact is, he was featured heavily on weekly programming, some in fairly serious spots, and then cooled off. No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes in these wrestling companies, but you have to think that either they had to downplay the ball thrown at them, or maybe someone just didn’t like them.

main event talent

After making her main roster debut seven years ago, it’s safe to say that Dana Brooke never really got started. Not everyone is destined to be a main event talent, and there’s nothing wrong with being a regular face in the division. That’s always been Brooke’s range, and you have to give the lady some credit: she’s completely thrown herself into most of the trips WWE has given her.

Number of makeshift tag teams in the women’s tag division

She’s no Becky Lynch or Bianca Belair, but Brooke has been a staple on the show for the past few years, whether she’s thrilled to be 24/7 Champion, having a terrible marriage storyline with Reggie, or throwing in a Granted the number of makeshift tag teams in the women’s tag division is really awful. She was always there.

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