World Best Boss takes employees on a Trip To Bali At all-expenses

Many people may think that your boss is the best person ever when they bring a pack of biscuits to the office or – better still – let you go an hour early on Friday, but as a group of employees in Australia Near clearly it’s too far. Better sent to Bali to pay for all expenses. Watch the video of the incredible journey here:

Sydney-based marketing firm Soup Agency’s employees for two weeks

Taken to the idyllic Indonesian island for a working holiday – their first as a team and, from the looks of things, not a bad start. In a video shared on the company’s Instagram feed, employees bask in the sun together One can be seen taking morning walks, quad biking, working out by the pool, doing yoga and eating and drinking together.

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Bali wrap up – First time working holiday as a team,” said the caption.

At one point, a staff member named Michelle even celebrated her 24th birthday, with a clip showing her blowing out the candles on the cake as everyone sat next to the pool.

Soup’s managing director Katya Vakulenko said

That was the best team-building exercise at the agency since travel began in May, deciding to move people abroad after the pandemic helped them realize that employees could really work anywhere.Daily Speaking to the Mail, she said: “I think it’s important for workplaces that everyone work together as a team, in and out of working hours.

“So we really decided to take it to the next level.”

COVID-19 taught us that there are new ways of working and essentially, we can work from anywhere.
The team moved to a luxury villa in Ubud, an hour north of Denpasar.

“It was refreshing to see the whole agency work, interact and collaborate.

During the fortnight, the staff were not only able to crack with some work, but also take part in team-bonding activities like swimming, snorkeling and quad biking, feasting on oysters and cocktails in the makeshift home of their dreams. Despite the obvious distractions, digital marketing executive Kumi Ho said the team was able to remain productive during the unforgettable journey.

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