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Women Clashed on The Middle Of The Road Pulled Their Hair Tore Clothes

There was such a fight between two women outside a pub in England that people remembered WWF. Both kept fighting like crazy for a long time. During this, they also tore each other’s clothes. The video of this fight is going viral. However, the reason for the fight is not known.

This WWF Style Fight Happening On The Street

There was a fierce fight between two women outside a pub in Britain. The people present there tried to separate the two many times, but could not succeed. For a long time both the women kept on beating each other. During this, he also tore clothes. A huge crowd had gathered to watch this WWF style fight taking place on the street.

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Both Kept Fighting Like Crazy

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, the incident took place on Saturday outside the Town Carrier pub in West Midlands, England. Suddenly two women started fighting while talking. There were also friends of women present. She tried to stop both of them, but she was not ready to listen anything. They kept fighting like crazy pulling each other’s hair. Even after falling to the ground, their fight did not stop.

Fight Went on For a Long Time

Sometimes one would be heavy on the other, and sometimes the other would overthrow it. It looked like a real WWF fight was going on. While fighting, the women also tore each other’s clothes. This went on for a long time. During this, people made countless attempts to get rid of the fight, but could not succeed. One woman had grabbed the throat of another as if she would only kill him. However, after a while his bet was reversed.

Don’t Know The Reason For The Fight

It is not clear yet that on what issue the two had a fight. By the way, it is believed that during Saturday’s party there must have been an altercation between them over some issue, which later turned into a fight. At the same time, the police says that they have not received any complaint in this regard. If anyone complains, action will be taken. The video of this fight of women is going viral on social media.

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