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Woman Swallowed Wireless Headphones Thinking Painkiller

A woman accidentally swallowed her wireless headphone instead of a painkiller. He didn’t even know about it. After some time when the headphones were not found, the woman started searching. It was then that she realized that what she thought was a painkiller was actually her headphone.

Woman accidentally swallows her wireless headphone instead of painkiller

A woman living in America accidentally swallowed her wireless headphone instead of a painkiller. When she realized this, she started crying loudly. The woman herself has disclosed this stupidity on social media. On which people are commenting in different ways. Fortunately, the woman did not face any problem due to swallowing the headphones.

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Medicine in one hand, headphones in the other

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’. Carli, a resident of Massachusetts, USA, wept in front of the camera and told about this mistake. She said, ‘I was on bed rest. I had wireless headphones in one hand and a painkiller tablet in the other. I picked up a bottle of water and swallowed a headphone as medicine. Later I realized that what I have swallowed is not a painkiller.

Music was heard in the stomach

Carly told me that this incident is on November 5. That day she stayed with a friend of hers. At the same time, he swallowed the headphones as a painkiller. However, he did not realize it at this time. Instead of medicine, what he has swallowed is headphones. He said, ‘When I did not get my headphones on my return. So I searched for his location, which was showing at my location only. After this, I played ‘Find My Airpod’ music, whose voice was heard in the stomach’.

The frightened woman immediately went to the doctor

After this, the woman got very nervous and immediately went to the doctor. When it became clear in X-ray. She did not have any internal organ damage from the headphones, then the woman heaved a sigh of relief. However, Carly could not understand how the headphones would come out. Will he have to have surgery? But on the second day the headphones came out naturally.

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