Wolf Pack news Sarah Michelle Gellar joins in And Jeff Davis Discusses Werewolves

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to the world of supernatural beings with a starring role in the werewolf series, Wolf Pack, seven years on in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Gellar’s casting announced during the Teen Wolf: The Movie Panel 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, with Gellar surprising packed audiences with a special appearance.

Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna

The previously announced stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Everett Armani Jackson (Honor Society), Bella Shepard as Blake (The Wilds), Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna (Wildflower) and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan (Our Town). Jeff Davis, the creator of the Teen Wolf series, is writing and executive producing The Wolf Pack as part of his deal with MTV Entertainment Studios. Jason Ensler and Capital Arts’ Joe Jennier and Mike Elliott also executive produce.

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Paramount+ is targeting a late 2022 premiere.

“Based on the book series by Edo van Belkom, Wolf Pack follows a teenage and girl whose lives are changed forever when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Geller leads arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in his field and no stranger to personal loss, brought in by the authorities to apprehend the juvenile arsonist who started the massive wildfire that led to There may also a re-awakening of a supernatural hunter terrorizing Los Angeles.

Davis talks about reuniting with the stars for Teen Wolf: The Movie,

On Thursday, July 21, we had a quick interview with Jeff Davis on the red carpet at Fandom’s 2022 San Diego Comic-Con party. Davis talked about reuniting with his Teen Wolf stars for Teen Wolf: The Movie, which he’s writing and executive producing, and touched on the Wolf Pack briefly. (Sorry for the mono audio – the setting changed before it uploaded. I’m blaming it on the craziness of Comic-Con!)

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