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Willie Mays Documentary Gets HBO Date

One of baseball’s greatest players will be the subject of an HBO documentary beginning in November. Premium Cabler Says Hey, Willie Mays! 8, a feature documentary based on Mace’s life and Hall of Fame career. The film, directed by writer and filmmaker Nelson George (The Announcement, A Ballerina’s Tale), will have its world premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York on October 27 — a day before the 2022 World Series begins.

HBO’s Announcement of the Date Maybe Diamonds of the Mess

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HBO’s announcement of the premiere date coincides with the 68th anniversary of perhaps the most famous moment on the Diamonds of the Mace. A surprising, over-the-shoulder chasedown of a deep fly ball in a game of The Catch, 1954 World Series.

I am excited and proud

Over the years, fans have brought me great joy. I am excited to express my thanks again through this wonderful documentary and to tell the story of my career and life.” Mays, 91, said in a statement. I’ve been lucky enough to do amazing things. I am excited and proud of the people who watch this film. Including young fans. Those who have never seen me play will get a chance to live it again. Great trip with me and some laughs along the way. Watching this documentary brought a proud and grateful smile to my face, and I hope everyone else enjoys it too. ,

Beginning his career in the Negro League

Say hey, Willie Mays! Beginning his career in the Negro League, his signing with the New York Giants and his move to the West Coast with the Giants during the civil rights movement would follow Mays. The film, according to its synopsis, “will follow Mace’s life both on and off the field over five decades as he navigates the American sports landscape and the country’s ever-evolving cultural background. All the while helping to define it.” That’s what it means. One of America’s first black sports superstars.”

George said, “It’s been one of the highlights of my life, talking to and documenting the life of Willie Mays, perhaps baseball’s greatest player and certainly its most charismatic personality.” “Not only was he a staple at the baseball game of the week. But it crossed over into talk shows and nightly entertainment when black faces were rare. The film is largely a tale of mentorship. Willie was mentored by his father, Kat and the players of the Negro Leagues. life and was schooled in baseball. Willie later sought out a number of young black players, including his godson Barry Bonds. An Epic American Life.”

Collaboration of Zipper Bros Films and Major League Baseball

The documentary will feature interviews with Mays, his son Michael, Bonds, veteran broadcaster Vin Scully, John Miller, Bob Costas and biographer John Shea. The film is a production of Uninterrupted, a company name in association with Zipper Bros Films and Major League Baseball . Colin Hanks, Sean Stuart and Glen Zipper produce; Executive Producers for Uninterrupted LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Jamal Henderson and Philip Byrne; Nick Trotta for Major League Baseball; and Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller and Bentley Weiner for HBO.

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