Williams Reveals Pregnancy During Sports Illustrated Fashion Show

Model, 34, and former NFL player husband Larry English went through IVF in late 2021, while trying for their first child. Nicole Williams shared the news of her pregnancy in a big way. The WAGS LA star, 34, revealed that she and former NFL player husband Larry English, 36, are expecting their first child together as they took to the runway at Miami Swim Fashion Week.

During the show, Williams was joined on the runway by English

During the show, Williams was joined on the runway by English. Before English loosened the tie on her robe, she took it off, showing off a black bikini and a baby bump. English bowed down and kissed Williams’ belly, then shared a kiss with her before returning backstage. Later, the couple confirmed the news in an Instagram post. “I was trying to come up with the perfect caption for it. But then I remembered that a picture says a thousand words, so. Surprise!!!” To be mother wrote. “Loading Baby English.

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Williams posted a candid Instagram

In February 2021, Williams opened up about the couple’s fertility journey, discussing in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in a candid Instagram post. Travel and although it is not glamorous, it is real life. It was my egg retrieval day! I was in an emotional mess because being hormonal, I had just broken my leg and I was scared to death of needles too,” she wrote.

Williams continues

“The nurses were so wonderful and I felt so relaxed, even got Larry to be with me until it was time for surgery,” Williams continued. “30 minutes later I slowly woke up and was told we had 13 eggs!!” I wanted to be as real with you guys. As many of you have gone through this or are starting this journey yourself. Not all eggs will mature and this is why we only had 8 embryos. We still have to wait for genetic testing. We are happy and feel blessed, whatever the outcome may be.

Williams and English tie the knot after more than five years

Williams and English tied the knot in May 2017 after more than five years at Montage Laguna Beach, California. Bridesmaids included WAGS LA co-stars Natalie Halcrow and Olivia Pearson, as well as close friend Christina Milian. married at that time. “We’ve never been happy and are perfectly happy.

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