Before the mega auction for IPL 2022, all 8 existing franchises have to send the names of their retained players to the BCCI by 30 November.

Details of the amount that can be spent on the players

If teams retain four players, then they will be able to spend only Rs 42 crores, and retaining three players will have to spend only Rs 33 crores. After this, with the remaining amount, he will have to buy other players.

Will there be a mega auction in IPL 2022?

This time there will be a mega auction for IPL 2022. All the franchises have to send the names of their retained players to the BCCI by 30 November. The timing of the mega auction will be decided only after the retention process is completed. 2 new franchises will debut in IPL 2022. Amidst all this, the biggest question is coming that will this be the last mega auction?

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has passed its expiry date

A Twitter user said that the auction before IPL 2022 may be the last mega auction. After this year, all IPL franchises should create their own ecosystem. Auctions are also out of date and have gone beyond their expiry date.

Franchises can retain 4 players

All the 8 existing IPL franchises can retain a maximum of 4 players before the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. Out of these 4, 2 can be foreign players. 2 new franchises will also step in IPL 2022. The two new franchises are Ahmedabad and Lucknow. After the eight franchises have announced the names of the retained players, all the remaining players will be put in the pool and before the auction, two new franchises can choose 3 players.

Know the choice of franchisees

Talking about IPL 2021, Chennai Super Kings (CSK), led by MS Dhoni, won the title for the fourth time. According to media reports, Chennai Super Kings is planning to retain MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Rituraj Gaikwad, Moeen Ali.