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Will Smith wife Jada Statement Came After the Slap Scandal

Will Smith’s punch at the Oscar 2022 award function is being discussed all over the world. From big celebs to Will Smith’s mother, have expressed their reaction to this. As usual, this year too the Oscars were very memorable, but this time the ceremony made more headlines not because of its golden trophy or glamorous stars, but because of Smith’s slap scandal.

Confession of Will Smith’s wife Jada

Will Smith, who won the Best Actor Award at the Oscars, came into the limelight when he slapped host Chris Rock during the program. After this, he was heavily criticized. In fact, host Chris made fun of Will Smith’s wife Jada’s baldness, due to which he got angry and lost his cool. For the first time after this slap scandal, Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith broke her silence by sharing a post on Instagram.

Jada has shared a post on her Instagram account. In this post, he wrote it is the season of healing and I am here for that only.

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Jada breaks her silence by sharing a post

Jada has not even spoken to anyone on this entire controversy, but now Will’s wife has shared a post on her Instagram, which is being linked to this controversy itself. Although in his post, Jada has neither mentioned the controversy nor the Oscars, something has been written in this post that is indicating that Jada is emerging from it. In the post share by Jada, it is written ‘This is the season of healing and I am here for it’.

‘I’ve never seen her like this

Talking to the Philadelphia News website, the actor’s mother Caroline has said, ‘I know how he works, how hard he has worked. I was waiting for this moment for a long time. Whatever happened, I saw it like this for the first time, for the first time in my life. I was also surprise to see this because I have never seen her like this.

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