Will Charles and Camilla be Brave Enough to do Downward Dog With The King kilted yoga Ambassador

A truly splendid morning in the ancient woods of The Hermitage in Dunkeld, Scotland. The River Bran roars, filled with meltwater from the Cairngorms. Giant Scots pines sway and sigh above. The air is thick with the sourness of wet wood and moss. Snowflakes melt in the thin winter sun.

on a huge rock beside the river,

And there, on a towering rock next to the river, is Finley Wilson, yogic ambassador for the King Charles Prince Foundation, in very dignified loincloth and in a kilt performing a series of advanced yoga postures.

muscle arms stretched up

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First, he does Warrior I: Leg spread. Muscular arms stretched overhead, soft eddies of strawberry blond chest hair gleaming, and huge calves bobbing and flexing. Because that keeps the situation deeper and deeper. Then he does that wild thing a very arched back bend forward with one arm, well that rather makes my heart sing.

Worth a look when performed in lehenga

Finally, Bird of Paradise, where he flexes his left leg. Places it over his arm twirls it slightly and extends it behind him. It is a sight to behold when performed in full Scottish kilts.

King Charles’s Dumfries House in East Ayrshire

No wonder the first luxury yoga and wellness retreat – run by Finlay and her husband Alan Lambie – at King Charles’s Dumfries House in East Ayrshire, is taking place today and includes yoga, meditation, and some sort of self-administered massage involving tennis balls are included. Sold out almost immediately despite spending a further £500. There is already growing interested in further seasons at Highgrove and other royal residences, some inside the house, some outside.

Finlay’s Diary of outlying Scottish islands and castles

Or, indeed, Finlay’s diaries are rapidly filling up with private bookings for classes in remote Scottish islands and castles, often with over-stimulating Americans. Rumor has it that the Queen Consort herself is keen to give their sessions a whirl when she and the King have a window. ‘She already does barre and ballet.

A challenging year for poor King Charles

But obviously, he’s curious. Yoga with a semi-naked kilted hunk? we are all! And it could be just what poor King Charles needs to cheer himself up after a challenging year. ‘I see a lot of guys who start at his age. it’s never too late. Almost everyone I work with is over 60 — I like to focus on what people can do, not what they can’t. And Charles is very forward-thinking, so I know he’d be open to it,’ says Finlay.

runs a yoga charity called Heart Space

The 36-year-old has been making waves in yoga circles for a while now. Being one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time, she’s a bestselling author, runs a yoga charity called Heart Space with husband Alan, teaches around the world, launched an app with free content Has sold at least 20,000 copies a year of her quilted yoga calendar and campaigns on mental health issues.

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