Why Priyanka Chopra Removed Her Surname Jonas People Are Talking About Divorce

Priyanka Chopra has surprised people by removing Jonas in front of her name. Now this news is also coming out that why the actress finally did this.

Priyanka Chopra’s surname ‘Jonas’ Removed

Global actress Priyanka Chopra has removed the surname ‘Jonas’ from her name. After this move, now the actress has come into the limelight. Fans feel that Priyanka and Nick are not getting divorced. But now a reason is coming out that why the actress took such a big decision.

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Why did Priyanka Remove her Surname?

Priyanka Chopra had added ‘Jonas’ in front of her name on her social media account after marriage, but on Monday she suddenly removed her surname ‘Jonas’. Now this question is rising in the minds of the fans that why did the actress finally do this. If you are also getting worried about this question, then a reason has come to the fore and it is believed that for this reason the actress must have taken this step.

Jonas Brother Show

Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas has recently posted a post, in which he is seen telling about a show. The show will be released on Netflix today i.e. on November 23 and the removal of Priyanka’s surname just a day before is indicating that she may have done this to bring her husband Nick Jonas into the discussion.

The News of Priyanka-Nick’s Divorce Surprised The Fans

The news of Priyanka and Nick’s divorce has shocked their fans. Fans are also confused about why Priyanka has removed her loving husband’s surname from her social media handle. Priyanka has not yet reacted to the news of divorce with husband Nick, but the actress’s mother has completely denied the news of Priyanka and Nick’s divorce.

Mother Madhu Chopra Said This on Priyanka’s Divorce

After the news of Priyanka and Nick’s separation went viral, the actress’ mother came forward and gave her reaction. By issuing a statement through News18, Madhu Chopra has rubbished the rumors of Priyanka and Nick’s divorce as rubbish and false. The mother of the actress has also appealed to the people not to spread such false news. The fans of the actress and Nick have heaved a sigh of relief after Madhu Chopra rubbished the rumors of Priyanka’s divorce. However, the fans are still waiting for the reaction of the star couple.

Priyanka’s Sweet Comment on Nick’s Video After Divorce News

Nick Jonas has shared a video of his workout session after the news of divorce surfaced. In the video, Nick is seen focusing on building his body in the gym. The most important thing in this is that Priyanka Chopra has also showered her love on her husband by making a lovely comment on his video. Priyanka wrote- ‘Damn! I am dead on these arms of yours. Amidst the news of divorce, the video of Nick and Priyanka’s love for her husband is proving the news of divorce of both completely wrong.

Priyanka also Joined The Show

Let us tell you, the premiere of Jonas Brothers Family Roast is going to happen on Netflix today i.e. on November 23. Priyanka Chopra has participated in this show with her sister-in-law and wife of Hollywood stars Sophie Turner and Kevin Jonas. Now let’s see how much his show proves to be a hit and how successful this bet of Priyanka is.

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