Why Now is The Right Time to End the Arrowverse

On Monday, the news, both expected and terrifying fans of The CW’s The Flash, became official. The long-running DC Comics-inspired series — and technically the last of the network’s so-called Arrowverse — will conclude in 2023 with a 13-episode ninth season.

Arrowverse continues after The Flash’s end

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The Declaration marks the end of an era. Which dramatically changed the face of the superhero on television and while there are many fans who are hoping that the Arrowverse may continue after the end of The Flash. Whether it’s with spinoffs or through the revival of other, previously canceled shows in-universe by other networks, the reality is now is the right time to end the Arrowverse.

When The Flash first debuted in 2014. So this wasn’t the first DC series on The CW. This difference is related to the arrow. Which debuted in 2012 and really gave The Flash its debut in a sense. In which Grant Gustin appeared on Arrow as Barry Allen. But when Arrow was first, The Flash quickly became one of the network’s most-watched series. As the series continued

The Flash became the heart of the newly minted Arrowverse. At times, it felt like Team Flash and Central City had ties with Barry as a hub for the Arrowverse, almost all of the other heroes, and actually had ties to heroes from other realities — first Supergirl and later. In, Black Lightning. Now that the rest of the show and their protagonists are gone, it’s only fitting that The Flash be a series of turning the lights off.

After going through the death and rebirth of the universe

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The timing is also right from a story point of view. Since “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, The Flash has been a very different series. Having gone through the death and rebirth of the universe, Barry Allen is a more mature hero and recent seasons have seen very personal stories and challenges for him. He has also seen an expansion of the idea of ​​what The Flash is. Love it or hate it, heroes never work in a vacuum. Even on the pages of comics, heroes often have to rely on others in some fashion or the other, and The Flash has taken this to heart.

Because Team Flash is growing and, slowly, new heroes are rising to take on more responsibility. Entering Season 9. Barry is no longer Central City’s lone defender and is now in a position where he plays a supervisory role. The world doesn’t need “The Flash” anymore. There is much more to it.

On a smaller scale, The Flash has also pretty much wrapped up its major, series-long struggle as a series. Barry finally defeated Iobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh) in the season 8 finale. While there are certainly still stories that can be told—and will be in Season 9—the center of The Flash has always been Barry/Thawne. Barry “flattened out” this season and won that fight.

Told ComicBook.com after closing

Closing the book here feels complete and feels like what showrunner Eric Wallace also felt in the context of that particular story arc in Season 8. He told ComicBook.com after the finale that he initially thought the Season 8 finale would be the series finale, which inspired that epic fight.

“Well, there are two things. One, this time Thawne crossed the border. He actually killed Iris to bring about her resurrection,” Wallace told us, in what made this story a final showdown. . “When that happened, I knew story-wise that emotionally, it would push Barry Allen to a place he had never been before.

A place where, for the first time ever, he’s actually about to cross the border and contemplate killing someone. Because he’s not reacting as our heroic Flash as we know him, he’s reacting as a spouse and as a partner, he’s reacting emotionally. I knew this would be a time where we could have a story. That’s how fitting it should be in a season finale, but for once we have a story about a hero who’s actually about to kill his arch nemesis. So, it was awesome.”

Getting the final battle against Reverse Flash

He continued, “Having said this, there is a flip side. When we were writing this script and breaking down the story. We thought it was the series finale, not the season finale. We thought it was The ending was there. So, we’re like, ‘Okay, okay, we’ve got to have the final battle against Reverse Flash. And let him die. We’ve got to make it go as dramatic as possible and tell the most epic story ever. And present the most emotional fight we can do.’ Then of course, as soon as we are finishing the script, we got the good news that we are getting the ninth season, which I am very happy with.”

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