Why Is Serinda Swann Leaving The CW Show Coroner?

Serinda Swan’s appearance on Season 4 of The CW’s coroner may be the last time fans will see her take on the role of Jenny Cooper, following the network’s announcement of Swan leaving the series earlier this year.

coroner season 4 in america

Premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The fourth season had already been released in Canada in January 2022. Season 4 sees Serinda Swann’s Jenny Cooper struggling with Liam’s defeat. She tries to take a vacation, but finds a mysterious corpse that raises suspicion in a small town.

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Serinda Swan from the Coroner’s Franchise

Keep reading to know the reason behind. Swann has played Jenny Cooper since Season 1 of The Coroner, which premiered in 2019. His character is based on a series of books by MR Hall.

CBC Entertainment GM Sally Cato announced

In June 2022, CBC Entertainment GM Sally Cato announced that Swann had decided to exit the franchise. She said: Although some publications have reached out to CBC, the show’s producers said they will continue to discuss options. However, no such update has been done at the moment. Swann’s sudden exit due to a lack of a lead and an unfinished story could prevent the network from announcing Season 5 of The Coroner.

Tweets by actor John De Leon

While Serinda Swan’s future plans are still a secret, the CBC statement noted that she may be moving in the other direction. According to a tweet by actor John De Leon from March 2022, Swann made his directorial debut with an episode of The Coroner. He directed episode 6 of season 4. Swann will also appear in the upcoming biopic Bhakti, on the true story of the comradeship between naval officers Jesse Brown (played by Jonathan Majors) and Tom Hudner (essayed by Glenn Powell) during the Korean War. is based. Swann will play Elizabeth Taylor.

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