Why Did JYP Entertainment Edit NMIXX Young Dumb Stupid MV

JYP Entertainment edited out parts of NMIXX’s ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ MV. Know why the company had to do this. JYP Entertainment’s girl group NMIXX recently dropped the single ‘Young, Dumb, Stupid’ ahead of the release of their upcoming album ‘Expergo’. Netizens were quick to react to the song.

Can’t stop admiring it

While some couldn’t stop praising the song for being so addicting, others felt it was a bit too childish. There was also a section of viewers that was quick to notice some offensive text on NMIXX’s Haewon’s T-shirt. Fans didn’t really react adversely to Hawn’s T-shirt though, and actually thought it matched well with the carefree, carefree vibe of the song.

JYP Entertainment’s response

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After the latter, JYP Entertainment was quick to edit out the aforementioned portion of the video. Part of the possibly offensive text soon removed to avoid any further controversy for the group. While the T-shirts were not exactly objective to many, JYP Entertainment’s reactions to the discussion were quite normal for a management agency. Agencies in South Korea have never shied away from going the extra mile to protect their artists and their image as public figures.

‘Young, Dumb, and Dumber

‘Young, Dumb & Stupid’ by NMIXX is packed with color, glamor, and an incredibly addictive creation. The group’s soulful vocals are brilliantly complement by the powerful background music. While it’s natural for listeners to have divided opinions about the various pieces of music, ‘Young, Dumb & Stupid’ doesn’t stray too far from NMIXX’s general discography. Besides the composition and visuals, ‘Young, Dumb and Stupid’ is also grace with some phenomenal choreography.

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