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Why Chinese Children Are Getting Injection Of Chicken Blood

New news has come out from China on social media. In this country, parents are getting their children injected with chicken blood. When the reason for this was found out, everyone was surprised.

Chinese children are getting injections of chicken’s blood

China was accused of spreading the coronavirus. However, China never believed that it spread the coronavirus knowingly. Or by mistake, this virus has spread from his country to the world. Some say that this virus came from animal to human due to the ludicrous eating of China, then some say. The virus has been spread by making it in the lab. Now new news is coming out from China. It is being told Here parents are getting their children injected with chicken blood. The reason for this is also very shocking.

Bats are eaten fondly in China

China has long been infamous for its strange food. From dog meat to bats are also eaten here with passion. Meanwhile, after a lot of criticism in Corona, work was done towards banning such meat. Still no difference. Meanwhile, now new news has come out. Her parents are getting their children injected with chicken blood. It is being said that after falling off this needle, children will become super kids and they will not have any problem.

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Chinese people have gone crazy about this injection

Expensive needles available in black are being given to children. They believe By doing this, no disease will spread around their children and the children will be able to live a long life. According to media reports, the injection of chicken blood is making children agile. According to the news of the Singapore Post, people are getting these injections for their children without any disease.

Chinese people say

The injection of chicken’s blood will save their children from every disease. This needle is very effective in getting rid of not only cough and cold but also diseases like cancer and baldness. Children who are getting injections of chicken blood, will not come under the grip of diseases like cancer and baldness in the future. However, there is no scientific reason behind this claim. Despite this, people are taking this needle indiscriminately. People say that this steroid is made in the body by injection of chicken blood. This keeps diseases away. For this reason, people are taking injections of chicken blood.

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