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Why Are KBC Questions 9 Brains Of Octopus Do You Know The Answer

In the TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati, Amitabh Bachchan asked a question to the junior contestant who came on the hotseat on November 18, how many brains do octopuses have. But it is also important to know why octopuses have nine brains. Not only this, in some cases it is a unique creature of nature.

Octopus is Really a Unique Creature Of Nature

Octopus is really a unique creature of nature. He has 09 brains, everyone knows about 08 arms. Eyes are also many. Why did it get so many brains, is there any logic behind it or not. The question is, why is his blood blue anyway? You know. Many will remember Paul the octopus, who shocked people with his predictions in the Football World Cup. It was that octopus, who gave a hint about the winner in 7 matches one after the other and the prediction also turned out to be correct. After Paul’s death in 2010, a beautiful memorial was also built for him. The fraternity of Paul, the octopus who tells the future, is no less mysterious in itself.

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Scientists Believe That This Creature Living in The Sea is Blind

Scientists believe that this creature living in the deep sea is color blind. Although it cannot detect colors on its own, it can also change color and shape rapidly (in less than 0.3 seconds). This happens when the octopus senses a danger around it. The process of adapting to the environment in case of danger is called camouflaging, which can also be seen in chameleons.

Main Brain Has 8 Ancillary ie Auxiliary Brain

There are 9 brains in the body of this mysterious animal. Although his main mind is the same. One who works to think and understand and take decisions in situations of danger. This main brain has 8 ancillary ie auxiliary brains which work under it. These eight brains are located in the eight legs. And the feet do their smallest activities at the behest of them. In other words, it can also be said that the legs or arms of the octopus are active in different ways by receiving signals from their different brains, but sometimes when the main brain orders them to work together, then all the brains are in the same way. start working.

There are 300 Species of Species

You will be surprised to know that there are not 24 but around 300 species of octopus. It is found in every ocean of the world. Octopuses have a very short life span. Many of their species are such that they live only for 6 months while some species are such that they live for 5 years.

Some Species are Poisonous

According to a report, some species of octopus are very poisonous. It is so poisonous that if it bites a person once, it even kills the person. About 63 years ago, that is, in the year 1957, a huge octopus was found in southern Canada. Whose weight was about 270 kg and its arms were also 5 meters long.

3 Hearts and 9 Brains

Very few people know that octopus has three hearts. One main heart for pumping blood around the body, and two hearts for the gills. It uses its 8 small brains (ganglions) and one main brain to control its arms. Thus there are total 9 brains. Most notably, their blood contains a copper-based pigment (hemocyanin). Due to which the color of his blood appears blue.

Octopus Blood is Not Red But Blue

The blood of such a strange heart-brained animal is no less strange. The blood of an octopus is not red, but blue. The color of our blood is red because it contains hemoglobin with iron which carries oxygen from here to there. On the other hand, octopus contains cyanoglobin with copper instead of iron, which acts like our hemoglobin. Its blood is blue due to the presence of copper. By the way, copper is weaker than iron in the flow of oxygen, so the octopus gets tired sooner than humans.

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