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Why And How The Country Intelligence Agency RAW Failed And Why Did The RAW Chief Want To Resign After The 26/11 Attack?

Today is 26th November 2021 and 13 years ago from today Pakistani terrorists shocked the whole world by making the biggest attack on India. Terrorists continued to spread mourning of death in Mumbai for the whole three days. Hindustan was over. And it considered the biggest security lapse in Indian history. Today, when the country once again remembering that wound, it is important to know at that time, when the country was attacked by Pakistani terrorists. Why and how the country’s intelligence agency RAW had failed at that time. And why was the RAW chief looking to resign?

Ashok Chaturvedi was the RAW chief

Ashok Chaturvedi, the head of India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing, is called ‘RAW’ in short. At that time when terrorists attacked Mumbai and shook the whole country. Mumbai was attacked by terrorists on the evening of 27 November 2008 and Ashok Chaturvedi’s organization failed miserably to trace that attack. Following which RAW chief Ashok Chaturvedi had come to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and accepted his responsibility for failing to prevent the Mumbai attack, and offered his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his failure.In the 2008 Mumbai attack, 166 people died and 293 injured.

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Not careful even after alert

It not that the Mumbai attack could not prevented. There a big attack in Mumbai, it inputs had started getting to RAW and Indian intelligence agency RAW after decoding all the ‘signals’ prepared an important alert. RAW had come to know to a great extent that, Pakistan-based terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba is plotting to shake Mumbai and in this Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is completely with Lashkar-e-Taiba and helping it. Used to be. According to a report published in Hindustan Times, the then RAW officer Ashok Chaturvedi had sent the alert to different departments, including Mumbai Police, Intelligence Bureau (IB).

Error even after alert

The then Joint Secretary (International Relations) Anil Dhasmana had also issued an alert to the Indian Intelligence Agency (IB) regarding the attack. Most importantly, these alerts prepared by the US security agency CIA and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. American and Israeli security agencies received information that terrorist organizations based in Pakistan writing a script to carry out terrorist acts in India. RAW prepared alerts regarding the Mumbai attack with the help of CIA and Mossad, despite this, preparations not made for its alert.

Points told about the attack

RAW had prepared an alert regarding the Mumbai attack with the help of Israeli intelligence, agency Mossad and American intelligence agency CIA. Nariman House in Mumbai also included in the list. Simultaneously, the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard also alerted by RAW on 20 November 2008. At that time the Indian Coast Guard was conducting deep sea maneuvers in Gujarat, not far from the Kathiawar peninsula. At the same time infiltrators from KT port in Karachi, Pakistan entered the sea to attack Mumbai. These terrorists were moving towards India through the ship ‘Al Hussaini’, about which an alert issued. But, from the Pakistani ship, those terrorists went ahead and put them on a fishing boat. Which hijacked. The name of this boat was trawler MV Kuber. Through which Pakistani terrorists managed to reach Mumbai.

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