Whoopi Goldberg Is Breaking From The View Amid Latest Exodus

Whoopi Goldberg is taking a much-needed break from The View Studio and basking in the sun in the Bahamas. However, the entire crew and their co-hosts have tagged along as they celebrate The View’s 25th anniversary. The actress can’t help but look beyond her time on the show.

Told Michael Strahan about all those exciting things

As her time in the Bahamas began, she made a virtual appearance on another beloved show, Good Morning America. And told Michael Strahan about all the exciting things fans could expect to see. However, Michael was interested in what The View would offer during its week. He didn’t hesitate to ask about Whoopi’s time away from the show.

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The host obliged, and said plainly?

He asked her: “I’m curious about Off the Air. You’re in heaven, you’ll have a little break, what kind of plans do you have when you’re not on air? What are you going to do? ” The host obliged, and said plainly: “Well, I’m sitting in the sun, looking crispy.” She kept joking. “You’ll see that you almost can’t see me, unless I smile. Because I’ve been in the sun and it’s great.

Whoopi said “It’s a great hotel

About the luxurious and sunny getaway during which the stars are staying at the opulent Baha Mar resort, Whoopi said “It’s a great hotel. I’m loving it and they’ve been so nice to us. It’s amazing, it’s very It’s just wonderful. And for the 25th anniversary.” He took a moment to thank everyone who made this celebration possible. Admitting what a big deal it was, The View has officially been on the air for 25 years.

Michael also revealed

Michael also revealed that he remembered all he could about it first starting out in 1997. He said: “It was nothing like that.” The host gave an emotional message as to why the show matters so much. Remembering that no one gave meaning to what women thought. And producer Barbara Walters challenged it.

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