Who won ‘Beauty and the Geek 2022? We have a huge clue…

Beauty and the Geek is the surprisingly wholesome dating and makeover show that has taken Australia by storm. As the night of the 2022 season finale approaches, there’s only one question on everyone’s lips: Which couple will win, and take home the $100,000 prize money?

28-year-old hairdresser Carly from Western Australia

Carly and Aaron are leading the way this season. Hairdresser Carly, 28, from Western Australia, and train driver Aaron, 30, have been crowd favorites since the beginning.” Train boy! I knew it! I choo choo choo choosei u Between my throat spray and your nasal spray, we settled Gonna love you already Aza, les go baby!” Carly posted on Instagram after the couple got engaged.

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Aaron tells Carly his lifelong fear of dogs

Meanwhile, Aaron credits Carly with helping him overcome his lifelong fear of dogs. “Can’t thank @karllyfisher enough for helping me get through this,” he shared on Instagram. “I knew how much you wanted to run with Nova today and it meant a lot to me that you handed me the lead. Thank you for being such an amazing partner!”

Tegan – a Harry Potter nerd and Victoria from NSW

It’s known that the show’s producers keep the contestants’ Instagram accounts locked until the season ends, so we can’t read too much about each other in their (very sweet) posts.
However, when it comes to betting agencies in Australia, the doubles are clearly the favourites, which means that sometimes the winner is leaked. Carly and Aaron have odds of $1.22 on Sportsbet and $1.13 on TAB, which puts them firmly in the lead.
That being said, the lovebirds haven’t got this thing in the bag yet. Runner-up favorites Anthony and Tegan – a Harry Potter nerd from NSW and a dancer from Victoria – are giving them a run for their money.

International Yu-Gi-Oh! the champion

Brie and Christopher are likely to come in third. A former NRL cheerleader, Brie is shocked when Christopher, an international Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion begins his makeover.
“I’ve always been insecure about my looks, I don’t really think of myself as someone who’s worth talking to,” he said.
“But Brie has helped me learn a lot. She’s always building me up. I want to show her that I can absolutely be the person she thinks I can be and be the best version of myself.” I can.”
any win? And will they be one of those rare reality TV couples who stick around? We’ll find out tonight, when host Sophie Monk reveals all.

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