Recently, many intimate pictures of Jacqueline Fernandez with Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who was trapped in the money laundering case of 200 crores, have been in the headlines on the internet in recent times. Now Sukesh Chandrashekhar has issued a handwritten note regarding these pictures, in which he is seen defending Jacqueline.

Mikel Morone in the lead role

Last year a Polish film came out on Netflix. Which was titled 365 Days. The film was in the news for its content and Netflix streamed it on the platform with an 18+ rating. The film starred Italian actor Michele Morone in the lead role.

ready for Indian debut

After this film, Mikel was also very popular among the Indian audience for his looks and physique. Now the same Mikel is gearing up for his Indian debut, but Michaela will not be debuting in a film but with Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar’s song Mud Mud Ke, featuring Mikel Morone with Jacqueline Fernandez.

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Sukesh Chandrashekhar gave gifts of millions to Jacqueline Fernandez

Let us remind you that Sukesh Chandrashekhar has given many expensive gifts to Jacqueline Fernandes like a horse of 56 lakhs, four cats of 36 lakhs. Sukesh has clarified and said, ‘The expensive gifts I have given to him or his family are normal things that one does for his love. This is personal, I don’t understand why such a big deal is being made. These gifts are from my legitimate earnings and this will proven in court soon.

Gave two pairs of diamond earrings

The expensive gifts mentioned by the Enforcement Directorate. Sukesh has written, ‘I request all of you with folded hands to stop taking them in a wrong way and please give them love and support as they have not done anything wrong. All he has done is to have loved without any hope.