When I’m Old: Paul McCartney Still 80. Getting Stronger

LONDON, United Kingdom – Paul McCartney turned 80 on Saturday and a week later became the oldest headliner ever to play at the Glastonbury Festival. There also talk of ex-Beetle being made lord before the end of the year. Not bad for the child of a working-class family in Liverpool after nearly 60 years of topping the charts.

during the lockdown in 2020

Between his years with the Fab Four, his work with Wings, and his solo career, McCartney has written or co-written more than 50 top 10 singles. During the lockdown in 2020, “Mecca,” as he is affectionately known, recorded McCartney III on his own and it became his first UK solo No. 1 album since 1989. McCartney and The Beatles hit the headlines last year, thanks to director Peter. Jackson’s eight-hour documentary, Get Back, is about the making of his 1970 album, Let It Be.

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25 years after McCartney knighted for the first time

With a series of 80th birthday events held in Liverpool, British media have reported that McCartney could be made a peer of the realm – 25 years after he first knighted.
His knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II upgraded five years earlier to accept Sir Paul into the even rarer Order of the Companions of Honor, which recognizes outstanding achievement throughout the Commonwealth. A source told The Sun newspaper in March that “he mooted the idea of ​​giving him the opportunity to sit as a cross-bencher in the House of Lords. He has done an incredible service to British culture, so it is to his country.” All the work done can be a very fitting tribute and mark.

McCartney married his third wife, 62-year-old American heiress Nancy Shevel, in 2011

The Sunday Times Rich List estimates the couple’s net worth at £861 million ($1.03 billion, 992 million euros). That marriage followed his bitter divorce from Maud-al-actor Heather Mills in 2008, who walked away from a six-year marriage with a settlement of £24.3 million.

Crowds of fans shouting McCartney, Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr

Born in the port city of Liverpool in northwestern England, McCartney met John Lennon at the age of 15, and the pair formed the Quarrymen, the skiffle band that eventually turned into the Beatles. Crowds of fans shouting McCartney, Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, with mop-top haircuts and zebra crossings will become synonymous with an image of four men strolling down London’s Abbey Road.

Turned Beatlemania into a booming sound in 1964

Simply put, he was one of the most powerful cultural influences of his era. They are also the best-selling band in history, with their record label EMI estimated to have sold over a billion discs and tapes to date. Relentlessly imaginative, the band would develop the catchy melodies that led to Beatlemania in 1964. Transformed into an emerging sound, encompassing every influence from psychedelia to country and western.

McCartney with his first wife Linda on Wings in 1971

Lennon and McCartney formed one of the most famous songwriting partnerships of the 20th century, but their creative differences eventually led to the Beatles’ break-up in 1970. McCartney formed Wings in 1971 with his first wife, Linda, and used his simple ear. Melody – which had previously given life to classics like Hey Jude and Blackbird – went on to rack up a decade of hits with the new group.

29 years later, McCartney described the loss as “total heartbreak”.

Linda, a renowned photographer and animal rights activist, died of breast cancer in 1998. After 29 years of marriage, McCartney described the loss as “total heartbreak.” But he was back with a new album at the end of the next year, mainly of cover versions, and has continued the Beatles’ experimental tradition – a techno record and two classical works are among more than a dozen solo studio albums. . He has also famously duetted with the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, and faced a brief Nirvana reunion in 2012. And her top-streaming song on Spotify above any Beatles song is her 2015 collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna, FourFiveSecond.

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