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When a Family Member Dies Women Have to Cut Their Fingers

Many times we come to know about such strange traditions which are not possible to believe. One such Indonesian tradition came to know about, knowing about which you will be stunned.

There are many strange customs and traditions in the world

After knowing about it we are very surprised. There are many such countries including India, which do not want to leave their traditions. However, there are some such traditions, which were also banned by the governments of that country. Yes, have you ever heard that after the death of a family member, the women of that house have to amputate their fingers? If not, then let us tell you about this tradition. Even today people not only believe in this tradition but also follow it. These customs are very shocking.

The extent is shocking, this Indonesian tradition

Whenever someone loses a member of his family. He suffers emotionally. People come forward and stand together to ease their pain, but a tribe in Indonesia goes through even more pain. When the women of that house have to cut their fingers too. Apart from emotional pain, women of the Dani tribe also have to face physical pain. When their loved ones die The female members of this Indonesian tribe are ritually cut off the upper half of the fingers.

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husbands do this in china

In China, the husband gets jealous of his pregnant wife. One has to walk barefoot on coal. It is believed that by doing this the delivery is easier.

This happens in Tibet

After dying here, the dead body is dragged to a particular mountain. Cut it into pieces and leave it to merge into the patch attached. The people here who follow Buddhism have the opinion. After death, the body of a person is of no use. Therefore it is better The religion of kindness can be performed by making it animal food.

In Cambodia, a father makes a love hut for his daughter

In Cambodia, fathers do that for their daughters. Which you can’t even imagine. As soon as the girls start menstruating, that is, at the age of 13 to 15 years, separate huts are made for them, which is called Love Hut. The family members encourage the girl to have a relationship with the boys to choose her husband. A girl can have a relationship with a boy until the boy of her choice is found.

After all, what is the population of this species?

This tribe, with a population of more than two and a half million, lives inside the high and dense areas of western New Guinea. In 1938, when American explorer Richard Archbold flew in this area, he got information about it. who reported this. The men of this tribe also wear ornate sheaths over their private parts and keep mummies of their dead.

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