What Would You Say About Kim Kardashian—Her Shapewear line Reigns Supreme

I tried several skims’ best-selling size pieces—here are my honest thoughts.

(Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand launched back in 2019

I know I’m late to the game here (Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand launched back in 2019), but until recently, I hadn’t tried SKIMS’ iconic shapewear range. Last year, I fell in love with SKIMS’ seamless and cotton basics, including seamless T-shirts and underwear, so when I was looking for some shapewear styles to wear under my wedding dress the other month, I thought I could Well I can try SKIMS.

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Waist Trainer, Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short

Just to make sure all my bases were covered for the big day, I decided to try out three of SKIMS’ best-selling sized pieces: the Waist Trainer, the Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short, and the Sculpting Short Above. The knee with open gusset. I also found their almost always sold out soft lounge slip dress, which is a no-size-fits-all, but I couldn’t recommend it more—it literally looks amazing on everyone. Full disclosure: The package sadly didn’t make it in time for my wedding (thanks a lot, Memorial Day weekend delay!), but alas, I survived my big day without them and with lots of my shapewear. Testing Post-Nupiels. Summer bodycon dresses.

when shopping online

What I love about SKIMS is that they make it super easy to find what you’re looking for (in terms of support and controls) when shopping online. The day before my trip to my wedding, I was scrambling to find alternate sizes of clothing to replace my delayed SKIMS package, and it was hard to find exactly what I was looking for without taking the clothes out of their boxes. Was.

my figure without inhibitions and discomfort

My goal was to smooth and contour my legs and stomach to better fit my vintage (and ever so small) wedding dress, so I opted for shapewear styles that offered “strong support”, From what I gather, this is just a good method. To say “strong suction”. Back in the day, I remember when my O.G. While the Spanx shorts certainly provided a noticeable slimming effect to my mid-section, they’d also completely cut off my circulation—a sacrifice I wasn’t usually down to make. But the three skim styles I tried snuggled up and contoured my figure without being too choppy and uncomfortable—something I didn’t think was possible.

i.e. accusations of cultural appropriation and the launch controversy of motherhood size

I realize that not only have both Kim Kardashian and SKIMS received their fair share of criticism (i.e. accusations of cultural appropriation and the launch controversy of maternity shapewear) but also that shapeshifters, as a whole, find themselves anti-body- Lend to fall under positivity zone. Frankly, sometimes I just want to feel a little more confident in a skinny dress—and why should I feel bad about it? If you’re looking for top-quality shapewear with a variety of support options that does just that without cutting off your circulation, I couldn’t recommend the SKIMS line more.

SKIMS Waist Trainer

Available in black and nude, this adjustable waist trainer keeps you comfortable without feeling like a Victorian-era corset. If you’re in the middle of a size, I recommend sizing up because it runs a little on the smaller side.

SKIMS Sheer Sculpt Low-Back Shorts

If you’re looking for smoothing shorts with lightweight support and compression, these sheer low-back shorts are a great option. The low-back dip is perfect for open-back and cut-out dresses.

SKIMS Mid-Thigh Sculpture Miniature

These mid-thigh shaping shorts help you contour and smooth the mid-section and upper thighs without making you sag. They are available in nine different shades to suit every skin tone.

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