Weird Insurance Policies: There are also some such insurance policies in the world. Those who are very strange to see and hear but still either exist or have been a part of the past.

Weird insurance policy

Unusual Insurance Policies: As soon as the word insurance hits the ear, some cover like term insurance, health insurance, travel, or personal accident flashes in the mind. These are all insurances. Which we often hear about and which are considered normal. But there are some such insurance policies in the world as well. Those who are very strange to see and hear but still either exist.

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Policy on change of mind of bride or groom

Real tales are often heard. That even after the marriage is fixed, the bride or groom refuses to marry. No insurer can join heart when this happens to you. But there is an insurance cover for this in the world. This cover is known as ‘Change of Heart’ or ‘Cold Feet’. That is, it provides insurance coverage if the bride or groom changes their mind before the wedding and the marriage is annulled.

Insurance on falling coconut on head

Strange but it did happen. In 2002, travel insurer Club Direct announced that it would guarantee full cover to vacationers affected by falling coconuts under its travel insurance policy. The announcement came after people injured by coconuts in Queensland, Australia filed for damages.

Voice and limb insurance

There is also an insurance policy for specific voices and body parts. Most of the cases of these policies are related to celebrities or certain people. For example, actor and comedian Ben Turpin of the silent film era have crossed eyes insurance, supermodel Heidi Klum’s leg insurance, singer Dolly Parton’s breast insurance, guitarists Keith Richards and Jeff Beck’s fingers, singer Rod Stewart Voice insurance, etc.