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What Did Khan Sir Of Patna Say On The Allegations Of Provoking Students?

In Bihar, the ruckus of students regarding the RRB-NTPC exam continues on the third day. Patna’s administration claims that the role of coaching institutes has come to the fore behind this movement. Although he did not name anyone, it is believed that he was referring to the famous coaching director of Bihar, Khan Sir.

What did Khan Sir of Patna say on the allegations of provoking students?

Action has started on the allegation of instigating the students in the ruckus regarding the RRB-NTPC exam. In Patna, the capital of Bihar, an FIR has been registered against 6 teachers of several coaching institutes including Khan Sir at Patrakar Nagar police station. According to the police, further action will be taken based on the video footage and the statements of those arrested from the spot. Now Khan sir’s statement has come out on the allegations against him.

We had kept the children on hold – Khan sir

ABP News has spoken to Khan sir on the allegations of instigating the students. In the conversation, Khan sir dismissed all such allegations and said that he was appealing to the students for peace. Khan sir said, “We had just started the digital movement earlier. We kept the kids with us. The students got angry after the decision of RRB. We got information after the protest started.

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If RRB had talked to the children, there would have been no protest: Khan sir

Khan sir further said, “We are forbidding children from performing. If RRB had talked to the children, the performance would not have happened.” Khan sir is very popular because of his YouTube channel. His followers are in lakhs, but now the sword of investigation hangs on him.

rrb notification messed up

Khan sir also while talking to the media said that RRB has taken a good step that it has sought suggestions from all the students and has formed a committee. If the step that RRB took today had been taken on January 18, then there would not have been such a nuisance. Khan sir said that the biggest problem was that on January 24, when around 500 NTPC students were creating a ruckus at Rajendra Nagar Terminal, only then RRB issue an official notification for Group D students at three o’clock.

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