Weird Al Yankovic Tells Alanis Morissette To Stay In His Street To play On words

Weird Al” Yankovic jumped into a Twitter thread earlier this week after witnessing the hilarious play on the words of Alanis Morissette. Morissette pulled into the parking lot of an “Alanis Landscaping” trailer mounted in the back of a truck A fan shared the image.

“You Augta Know”, released in 1995

The dedicated “Jagged Little Pill” album enthusiast captioned the shot, “You ogta mo,”—one of Morissette’s most popular songs, “You ogta know,” released in 1995. While not missing a beat, Morissette shared the tweet with a laugh-out-loud emoji, and wrote, “And I’m here to remind you of the grass you walked away with. She matched her sentence exactly to her original lyrics: “And I I’m here to remind you of the shit you were gone when.

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Thousands of fans liked and shared the tweet, which went viral.

Yankovic known for his expert approach to parodying songs such as “Eat It” to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and “Like a Surgeon” to Madonna’s classic ’80s song “Like a Virgin”. Reminding everyone that he’s a true magician with words, Yankovic tweeted back to the vocal powerhouse, “Hey! Stay in your street!

Morissette’s tweet went viral,

Thousands of fans liked and shared his “You Oughta Mo” sentence.
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Linda Carter, who starred as “Wonder Woman” in the ’70s, added a few more lines to Morissette’s rendition.

Depriving me of the bushes and trees you will plant for me,” she tweeted, which garnered thousands of likes.

While Yankovic, whose full name Alfred Matthew Yankovic, has not completely parodied any of Morissette’s songs, he did do part of a parody, “Fast Food”, which played for his song “Thank You”. , which was in the mix of performances during the 1999–2000 tour.

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