Weekend Briefing: A new Victoria Secret Doc Focuses On The past As The Brand Looks Ahead

Last week, fashion prices continued to rise; Dior and Valentino began, and then quickly resolved, a retail dispute; Prime Day put out big livestreaming numbers; Beginning of Miami Swim Week; And a documentary called “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons” hit Hulu just as the brand is pushing a new, more progressive identity. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Glossy podcast to hear week in review episodes with yourself and Glossy editor-in-chief Jill Manoff, as well as Jill’s interview with Nick Brown of Imaginary Ventures. —Danny Paris, Sr. fashion reporter

Victoria’s Secret secrets revealed in new documentary

As Y2K fashion brands and trends are making headlines again, Victoria’s Secret is in the news again. Instead of a new collection or marketing campaign, it’s drawing attention to a three-part documentary; “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons,” released Thursday, has both industry insiders and consumers talking.

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Jeffrey Epstein of Les Wexner, former CEO of the company L Brands

The series, which streams on Hulu, not only traces the rise to power of the brand in the 1990s and 2000s. It also relives darker aspects of Victoria’s Secret, including the negative impact it has on women’s body image and the turbulent close relationship of Les Wexner, the former CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s former parent company L Brands, to Jeffrey Epstein.

Documentary launch

In a new brand campaign released a few weeks before the documentary’s launch, Victoria’s Secret invited customers to explore “Today’s Victoria’s Secret” to reiterate that the brand has changed. Rebranding as a more progressive brand is an ongoing effort by Victoria’s Secret from 2021 onwards, but in the documentary the brand is again on the defensive.

Brand Really, Really Sorry to Raise the Prices

With the cost of doing business rising across the board, DTC footwear brand M.Jamie became the latest fashion brand to announce a price hike, leading to a 10-15% increase in select styles. The announcement came in the form of an email sent by founder Maria Gangemi to customers.

written by gangemi

“It’s important for me to be as transparent as possible with you.” “Since the cost of resources has gone up globally, we will have to slightly increase the prices of select styles, which will be effective from July 15. M.Gemi is one of the many brands that have increased the prices in the last few months, Louis Vuitton, Telfar, Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have joined the ranks. Despite how common price hikes are, brands are still striking out in an apologetic, transparent tone to block any potential increases.

The brand wrote in an email to customers

When fitness brand Bala Bangles increased prices in June, founders Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz’s message to customers was equally outrageous. “The unfortunate reality is that the cost of doing business is historically high,” the brand told customers. Wrote in an email. “From raw material to inbound/outbound shipping, rising prices have forced our hand. In order to maintain reasonable margins – to continue to offer beautiful, functional fitness equipment – ​​we will increase prices on select items and reduce prices where possible.”

Dior demands $100,000 in compensation from Valentino, then withdraws

On Monday, Women’s Wear Daily reported that Dior had allegedly sent Valentino a letter demanding approximately $100,000 in compensation for Valentino’s couture show in Rome, which blocked foot traffic at a nearby Dior store. Had given. Apparently, Valentino had assured all retailers in the area that its outdoor show would not disrupt retail foot traffic. According to Dyer, this did not happen; The letter described the Dior store as “desolated”.

Prime Day sales growth slowing, but Amazon still makes $12 billion

Amazon’s own annual celebration, Prime Day, kicks off Tuesday. The results, which were released by Amazon on Thursday, showed Prime Day sales growth slowed year-on-year.
For One, Prime Day Livestream

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