The entire North India including the national capital Delhi is in the grip of cold wave and the minimum temperature is continuously decreasing in many cities. Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) is continuously issuing warnings and has expressed the possibility of continuing the effect of severe cold. The Meteorological Department issues red, orange, yellow and green alerts many times regarding the increasing cold, but do you know what these alerts are and what they mean?

What is the meaning of Green Alert?

Green Alert about the weather means that the weather is fine and due to this no terrible situation is arising. No specific alert issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), but information given that the weather fine.

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yellow alert of meteorological department

The Yellow Alert of the Meteorological Department in winter (IMD Yellow Alert in Winter) indicates that the weather may be worse, so people should be alert. In the Yellow Alert, people are told that there is a need to be careful, because any problem can come.

What does Orange Alert mean?

The Orange Alert issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) means that there a situation of severe cold wave and officials asked to prepared to deal with it. Along with this, people advised to wear full clothes and take precautions before going anywhere.

What is the meaning of red alert of IMD?

The India Meteorological Department’s Red Alert (IMD Red Alert for Winter) means a severe warning regarding cold and it issued in case of severe cold wave conditions of 2 days or more. Along with this, instructions given from the administration to take necessary steps to deal with the situation.

When does the Meteorological Department announce cold wave?

If the minimum temperature in the plains reaches 4 degrees Celsius, then the IMD announces a cold wave. Apart from this, cold wave also declared when the minimum temperature drops to 10 degree Celsius or below and remains 4.5 degree Celsius below normal.

The mercury dropped by four degrees in Delhi

The temperature in the national capital Delhi recorded at four degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Which is four degrees Celsius less than normal. According to the Meteorological Department data, the national capital on Monday recorded five notches below normal and the season’s lowest temperature so far at 3.2 degrees Celsius.

How will the weather be today?

The Meteorological Department has forecast light fog during the day on Wednesday and the maximum temperature is 23. While the minimum temperature is expected to be around five degrees Celsius. RK Jenamani, Senior Scientist of IMD said. It is expected that one after two Western Disturbances and consequently cold northwesterly winds from Tuesday night will increase the minimum temperatures.