Watch Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Night Turn Deadly in House of Darkness Trailer

Justin Long’s date with Kate Bosworth doesn’t go as planned in his new flick. The real-life couple stars in Neil LaBute’s upcoming thriller, House of Darkness, and is featured in the first trailer. That’s how a casual hookup can mean something sinister.

According to the synopsis of the flick, a player thinks out to score (long). That her beautiful, mysterious date (Bosworth) would be another casual hookup. When he will move his house to her secluded property after meeting at a local bar.

During the acquaintance, their flirtatious playful,

However, during the course of the acquaintance, their flirtation turns playful, sexy and sinister, indicating that that, while Long’s character was hoping to get lucky. His luck has just run out. As Long and Bosworth get intimate in the trailer, creepy figures appear throughout the house. When Bosworth suggests that they “play a game,” Long’s refusal is not accepted at all.

“You still don’t understand what’s going on. She asks him. While Long tries to run away. Bosworth refuses to let her go. Things only get worse from there.” Kind of ends?” Long asks Bosworth. “Who said anything about the ending?” she replies in a hurry.

Bosworth wrote about his co-star on Instagram

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Long and Bosworth first sparked relationship rumors last year after working together on House of Darkness. After shooting the project in May, Bosworth wrote about his co-star on Instagram. Writing that he is “really brilliant / funny / funny / kind / rare / thoughtful / totally. fckn. rad human beings.”

Three months later, Bosworth officially announced. That she and Michael Polish, her husband of about eight years, were leaving it. Then, in December, Long mentioned his “girlfriend” during an episode of his podcast, Life Is Short with Justin Long. However, he did not give any other details about his identity or their relationship.

talked about anonymous girlfriend

In April, Long spoke about his still-unnamed girlfriend on The Vial Files podcast. Long said that, before getting into a relationship, he “reached a place where I was comfortable with myself.” While he “didn’t know it at the time,” Long said he was “drawn for her,” which he now “found.”

“I want to talk about it. But I also want to be protective,” Long said of their relationship. “I want to scream it from the rooftops, but I also want to be protective. It’s sacred.”

During an appearance on the Dear Chelsea podcast

That same month, Long and Bosworth were seen kissing in Hawaii. During an appearance on the Dear Chelsea podcast shortly thereafter, Long opened up about their relationship, saying, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

A lovely poem on the month social media platform

Later in May, the couple went official with their romance on Instagram. Bosworth took things up a notch next month as he celebrated his love’s birthday with a lovely poem on the social media platform.

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