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Was Fond Of Becoming A Girl Spent 58 Lakhs In Makeup Made Such A Condition

To make a man from Germany look like a doll, he got plastic surgery done by spending 58 lakh rupees. Anyone who sees her after surgery considers her to be a woman.

58 lakhs spent to become a girl

People do weird fashions to look good. One such case has come to light from Germany. Where a person changed his entire look. The man was fond of looking like a doll. To complete it, he spent 58 thousand euros i.e. about 58 lakh rupees. People are surprised to see the new look of the person. At first sight, no one can know that he is a boy.

Changed look through cosmetic surgery

According to a news published in Daily Mail. Patrick Mast, 27, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany, likes to look like a girl. But he does not want to change his gender. To fulfill this wish, he got Botox, fillers, and cosmetic surgery done. She had to go through a very difficult process to change her look. Apart from the surgery, he also spent about 25 thousand rupees on his clothes.

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everyone understands woman

Seeing her bleach blonde hair, long eyelashes, and full lips, everyone often mistook her for a woman. But he has insisted that he does not want to change his gender. Only care about the ‘plastic look’. She started such cosmetic procedures at the age of just 18. He said that he loves the look of his doll. He said that it is easy for him to mold as a woman, as his habits match those of women.

Spent lakhs of rupees on surgery

Patrick says ‘I love this look. Because it shows other people that I take great care of myself. I have spent a lot of money on surgery and I don’t want to change my look anymore. He said that it is not necessary for me what anyone thinks about me. It is my happiness that matters and I love to look like this. Patrick had told in an interview last year. Once they have been divorced. Now she is looking for a partner who does not have any problem with her plastic look.

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