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Virtual Meeting Of Presidents Of America And China

This summit started this morning. This is the third talk between Xi and Biden since February. Earlier, the two leaders had a long phone conversation in September.

virtual meeting of presidents of America and china

The virtual meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping lasted for about three and a half hours. Xi Jinping told his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in a meeting that China and America should respect each other. must coexist in peace. One should proceed on the path of benefit to both parties. Xi called for developing a strong and stable China-US relationship. He also expressed his desire to work with Biden to build consensus and take proactive steps to move bilateral relations in a positive direction.

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Biden said in an opening speech

That the competition between the two countries does not turn into a confrontation. This has to be taken care of. President Jinping said that the two countries should focus on improving mutual communication. Biden said, “As leaders of China and America, it is our responsibility to ensure that.” The competition between our countries should not turn into conflict. Instead, it should be simple and direct competition. In the speech, Jinping addressed Biden as an old friend. Earlier in 2013, during the visit of the then Vice President Biden to China, Jinping had described him as an ‘old friend’. While Biden talked about the ‘friendship’ of the two.

Instead of holding this meeting online, Biden wanted to meet Xi face-to-face. The President of China has not gone out of the country for some time before the cases of the Kovid-19 global epidemic. The White House again proposed an online meeting. The two leaders should be able to have a candid conversation about the tension in the relationship.

White House officials don’t expect much from the meeting

There is also no plan to issue a joint statement by the two countries. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said. They feel that the history of their relationship, after spending time with them, allows them to be quite forthright and this will continue to happen.”

Will ask America to bring relations on right track: China

According to Chinese media, Chinese President Xi Jinping will ask Biden not to go ahead with the “Taiwan card” at the meeting as Beijing continues to press for the unification of the separated self-governing island with the mainland that is now the Chinese President’s. It has become a major political issue.

Ahead of the summit, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a media briefing on Monday. China will ask the US to bring relations on the right path of stable development. Zhao said that Xi-Biden will exchange views on strategic issues regarding the future of Sino-US relations and key issues of common concern.

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