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Virat Kohli Refutes BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Claim

The BCCI selectors announced Team India for the Test series to play against South Africa on December 8. On this day, the selectors also made many changes in many teams. For example, removing Virat Kohli from the captaincy of ODIs and making Rohit Sharma the new captain. Apart from this, Rohit Sharma made the vice-captain, replacing Ajinkya Rahane as the vice-captain of the Test.

Virat Kohli answered all the tough questions in the press conference

Indian Test captain Virat Kohli answered all tough questions at a press conference ahead of his departure for the South Africa tour and said he would fully support the vision of new limited-overs captain Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid. He said that he could understand that he was dropp for not winning the trophy in ICC limited-overs tournaments. With reference to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly’s statement that the board had requested him. That he should not give up the captaincy because it would probably not be right to have two captains in the limited-overs format.

BCCI said – time was given to Virat

The day the Indian team announced for the Test series against South Africa. On the same day, the selectors removed Virat Kohli from the captaincy of ODIs and handed over the command of ODIs to Rohit. Even Virat Kohli did not know that he has removed from the captaincy. The BCCI had said in a statement that it had given time to Virat to resign from the captaincy of ODIs. When Virat did not resign within the stipulated time, we had to remove him.

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Virat’s childhood coach had denied

Virat Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma also quite surprised after Virat Kohli suddenly remove from the captaincy of ODIs. He had said that I do not think that Virat had given any prior information before the BCCI removed him from the captaincy. Rajkumar Sharma said that he wanted to captain in ODIs and Virat had already told this to the BCCI. It is clear that Virat’s removal from the captaincy of ODIs not given prior notice.

Virat had already told his decision

Virat Kohli says that he informed the board about his decision first. According to Virat, I wanted to captain in ODIs as well as in Tests, when I decided to step down as captain of India from T20, I told the board that I would continue as captain in Tests and ODIs. On Wednesday, he clarified during the press conference that there was a clear message from my side to the board officials, he also said that if the BCCI officials do not think so, then it does not matter.

Rohit wanted ODI captaincy with T20

After this news came that Rohit Sharma was not just happy with India’s T20 captaincy. He had put a condition in front of the BCCI that he would captain the T20 only when he gave the captaincy of the ODI. After this, perhaps the board had to take this decision.

BCI’s statement caused a lot of confusion

During this, many statements also made from the side of BCCI. And till the time he doesn’t give the application, Virat is playing in the series, yes, it is a different matter if he gets hurt. Whereas BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said that he did not want to participate in the ODI series when the decision not taken to remove Virat from the captaincy of ODIs.

Virat said – I am available for the South Africa series

During the press conference on Wednesday in Mumbai, he said that I am available to play the ODI series against South Africa and I was already available. This blurred Arun Dhumal’s statement in which he had said that Virat did not want to participate in the South Africa match before being dropped from the captaincy. Virat also said that I have not asked the board to take any break.

Rohit has praised Virat Kohli

Recently, after the statement of the captain of ODI, Rohit Sharma had praised Virat Kohli fiercely. Hitman had said that I have played great cricket under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing under his captaincy. He has put the team in a position from where there is no looking back. He has always led the team by coming forward, after him I would also like to take Team India forward in the same way.

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