Vineet Kumar Secretly Married Longtime Girlfriend Ruchira Gormare

Actor Vineet Kumar Singh has recently shared two pictures on his Instagram. Vineet told through these pictures? He is married to his longtime girlfriend Ruchira Gormare. Sharing pictures of special moments of their wedding. Vineet also wrote a heart-wrenching note. In this, he has also revealed the date of his marriage. Vineet married in a very private way. Only family members and some close friends attended their wedding.

Vineet Kumar in The Groom’s Dress in Te Picture

Vineet Kumar (Vineet Kumar Singh Instagram) has shared two pictures on Instagram While Ruchira Gormare is in a bridal outfit. In one picture, both are sitting near the fire in the wedding pavilion, while in the second picture both are standing and posing for the photo. Like Vineet, Ruchira has also shared the same pictures on her social media account.

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Were Dating Each Other For 8 Years

It told that these couples are dating each other for 8 years. While talking to a news portal, Vineet Kumar said that they have known each other for the last eight years, and Ruchira has been with him in many ups and downs during his journey. So they took the final decision to get married.They earlier planning to get married in 2020, but postponed it due to the uncertainties of Kovid-19.

Married as Per Maharashtra-North Indian Customs

Talking about the wedding, Vineet said that a very intimate wedding, in which his family and close friends present. Both of them had done this planning. He told that he married according to Maharashtrian and North Indian customs.

Written By Vineet Kumar

Sharing these pictures, Vineet Kumar (Vineet Kumar Singh Wedding Photos) wrote, “29/11/2021 I have come this far by holding your hand. I feel really blessed to have you in my life! Ruchira. Thank you all for your love and blessings.” On this post of Vineet Kumar, his friends and fans associated with the industry congratulating him on his marriage.

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