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Vigorous Video of Captain Kohli and Coach Dravid Surfaced

The Indian cricket team has been in a lot of discussions for the last few days. A lot has happened after the Test captain Virat Kohli was dropp from the ODIs. The matter has heated up over the statements between BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and Captain Kohli. Amidst all these things, the Indian team has reached South Africa to play the Test series. A video of the team’s captain and coach has surfaced. In which both are seen having fun with the rest of the players.

A video of the team captain and coach surfaced

Team India’s new coach has left for his first overseas tour. After Dravid took over the command of the team, the Indian team has come to play outside India for the first time. This is Team India’s second series under Dravid’s coaching after New Zealand. The team that arrived on the tour had to play the first match in Johannesburg. Indian players saw painting the atmosphere ahead of the first Test match starting on December 26.

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Captain Kohli seen giving a high five on the coach’s shot

Before taking the field on the South Africa tour, the players of Team India seen playing footwall in the hotel. Here the captain and coach also joined in this along with the rest of the team players. On one side there was coach Dravid and on the other side captain Kohli. The two showed a great rapport with each other. Captain Kohli seen giving a high five on the coach’s shot.

Video of practice calms the statement

Indian fans felt relieved after seeing this commentary between the two. Before leaving for the tour, the matter heated as captain Kohli proved false about Ganguly’s statement on his removal from the captaincy of ODIs. People started talking about the atmosphere of the team due to the change that took place after Dravid’s arrival in Team India. The video of the practice released by the BCCI has silenced the statement in every way.

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