Viewers were left In Awe after Chris Kamara Gave An Emotional GMB Interview About the situation

Chris Kamara appeared on Good Morning Britain and spoke candidly about his battle with apraxia. Kami left his role with Sky Sports in May 2022 after battling apraxia. The audience left in awe after the emotional interview.

Kami, appearing on Good Morning Britain

The condition makes it very difficult to speak. This is described by the NHS as – “a person with speech apraxia knows what they want to say, but they have difficulty moving their jaw, lips, and tongue in the way needed to form words.” It is caused by damage to the parts of the brain that are responsible for processing speech. Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kami explained how she has “good and bad days”. Asked how he getting on, he said: “I’m fine, my brain is swollen, that’s why I have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day, today is better. So much.” better “

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Annie Walker said

Chris explained that he has been trying a variety of diets to try to cure his condition. He said: “What I’m doing is a gluten-free diet, a dairy-free diet, I’m trying anything, alternative medicine, trying all these vitamins to see if it helps and hopefully, fingers crossed. She overcomes. Viewers praised her reaction to Cammy’s appearance. Annie Walker said: “What a man thinks of others while he is suffering himself. One of the nicer guys in life.”

Talking about the campaign, Chris said

Cummings appeared on GMB to talk about a petition he is distributing on Downing Street today as part of a campaign for people with terminal illnesses to be able to access their pension regardless of their age. Chris involved in campaigns for the cancer charity Marie Curie since his mother’s death from breast cancer 20 years ago. Talking about the campaign, Chris said: “People should not be allowed to die in poverty. 90,000 people die in poverty every year. Once you are diagnosed with a terminal illness you know you don’t have long left, you have to stop yourself.” Jobs, your circumstances change, access to the State Pension, we’ve got 165,000 signatures we’re going to take them to Downing Street later.

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