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Veer Das Troubles Increased on The Anti National Statement

A video of comedian Vir Das has created a ruckus. A video of his performance in America went viral on social media.

Vir Das clarified after the ruckus over the controversial video

A video of comedian Vir Das has created a ruckus. A video of his performance in America went viral on social media. After this, a complaint has been lodged against actor Vir Das at Tilak Marg police station in Delhi.

Later Vir Das clarified

Seeing the anger of people on this video on social media. Now Vir Das has said in his clarification. His intention was not to insult the country, but he is talking about the thinking of the people in the video. He said that “People having two different views about the same subject are being talked about in the video and this is not some kind of secret which people do not know.

Vir Das shared a note on Twitter saying

His intention was to remind that the country is ‘great’ in spite of all its issues. Vir Das further said that “People look at India with hope. Not with hatred. People applaud for India, give respect and I am proud of my country. I live with this pride.

This statement became the cause of controversy

In fact, actor Vir Das has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel on November 15 with the title ‘I come from to India’. Which was a part of his performance at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington DC. In the six-minute video, he said something that created a ruckus in the country.

He said in the video, I come from an India where women are worshiped during the day and raped at night. I come from India where you are AQ1 9000, yet we lie on our roofs and count the stars at night. I come from India where we take pride in being vegetarian. But they abuse the same farmers. What was then, after this video, Vir Das came under the target of the users. He is being trolled fiercely on social media as well as many people are even abusing him.

complaint against veer

Due to his statement, Vir Das is not only hearing good and bad on social media but has complained against him in Delhi-Mumbai Police. But now that Vir Das has clarified on his video. After that, it has to be seen whether this matter will finally settle down or it will go on for a long time.

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