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Uttarakhand Action will be Taken if you Come Wearing jeans and T-shirt

In Uttarakhand, the Bageshwar District Officer has instructed all the government employees of his district that They should not come to the office wearing jeans and t-shirts.

Action will be Taken if you Come wearing jeans and t-shirt

Bageshwar District Officer in Uttarakhand | All the government employees of their district  instructed that. They should not come to the office wearing jeans and a t-shirt. And if any officer or employee of Bageshwar district comes to his government office wearing jeans and t-shirt. Then action taken against him. All government employees and officers of Bageshwar district  asked to follow this instruction of the district officer.

District Magistrate Vineet Kumar has Issued an Order Saying

Even after the earlier orders, many officers and employees are not following the dress code. They are wearing jeans-t-shirts in front of their officers and attending meetings. Which is not a good thing being a government employee. Also the image of the department and the government gets affected.

Doon DM R Rajesh Kumar Traveled in the Bus to Check the Arrangements

Dr. R Rajesh Kumar, District Magistrate of Dehradun and Chief Executive Officer of Smart City Limited, today traveled from ISBT to Tehsil Chowk in Smart City Limited’s bus service. During this, he got acquainted with the public and for making more improvements and better arrangements in the bus service. Received suggestions from the public as well. And also know the views of the people towards the bus service. During this, when the riders increased, they stood up. and gave his seat to the ride. However, according to the guidelines related to Corona, traveling in bus and train is not allowed.

Collectorate Employees Banned From Wearing jeans and T-shirts

Let us tell you that in the month of March, another District Magistrate (DM) had given a similar order to his employees. In March this year, the DM of Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh had banned the employees of the Collectorate from wearing jeans and T-shirts. In the order issued by District Magistrate Sanjeev Ranjan, it  said that government employees and officers will not be able to come to the office wearing jeans and T-shirts.

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