Urfi went topless many Times In Front Of The Camera mirror pasted to save Respect

Urfi Javed is in the news a lot these days. His looks create a ruckus on social media every day. Every time she also manages to grab the attention of the people.

Urfi Javed’s fire on social media

Urfi Javed sets fire to social media every day. His picture keeps on creating ruckus on social media every day. Every time Urfi keeps trying to make her look very different and unique than before and every time she manages to grab the attention of the people. Recently a look of Urfi came out, seeing which people turned red with shame. Yes, this time giving a little more twist to his look, Urfi (Urfi Javed Glitter Look) used glitter and that’s it, his experiment also worked.

Urfi pasted glitter

Urfi Javed had carried such a look in the past, seeing which people were quite surprised. The video that Urfi Javed has posted starts with his backless pose. Fans are shocked to see the backless and braless look, but when the video progresses, people are even more stunned. Urfi’s inner wear is visible, along with, Urfi has used only red colored glitter to cover her prestige.

Glued glass

Talking about the latest look of Urfi Javed, during this time Urfi Javed is seen in a bold look with mirrors pasted on his body. Along with this, Urfi has also opened the buttons of jeans to make this look more hot. Not only this, the most interesting thing is that Urfi has completely covered her face during this. This video of Urfi quickly went viral within minutes.

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